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                                   How does acupuncture work ?


Acupuncture is ancient art of healing based on natural laws of  human body & mind and plays essential role in the big family of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). The core principle of acupuncture is the free flow of Qi , the vital energy in the body. Qi  flows through energetic pathways called meridians and each of the meridians corresponds to particular internal organ. If the free flow of Qi gets blocked,  the disruption may result in pain or illness. Inserting fine sterile needles into specific acu points on the meridians releases blocked Qi  and allows the body’s natural healing response to occur.

There is a Chinese saying :  " Without movement there is pain , with movement there is no pain".


 Recent researches have demonstrated acupuncture’s positive effects on various ill health conditions by improving and restoring the normal function of the nervous system, endocrine, immune and digestive systems.

Since our western evidence-based society still doubts the thousands of years applied medicine , there were conducted hundreds of randomised control trials and clinical researches  where MRI scans showed that acupuncture triggers the body’s healing process by calming the central nervous system, regulating hormones and releasing endorphins-the body own "pill of happiness". 



Here are some of the many health issues acupuncture might help with:


  •  Stress, insomnia, irritability

  •  Pain relief : headaches , muscle - skeleton injuries, arthritis  & period pain

  •  Digestive disorders –  bloating, constipation & indigestion

  •  Menstrual  disorders – PMT, irregular/heavy/or missing periods, PCOS

  •  Conception and maintaining healthy pregnancy : both naturally and supported through IVF



                                     Why Reflexology ?


 There are over 7,000 nerve endings as well as numerous reflexes on each of our feet. 

Research done in the 1890s by Sir Henry Head and Sir Charles Sherrington shows that a neurological connection exists between the skin and the organs, and that the whole nerve system react to a different stimulus such as pressure. Application of pressure to the feet,  sends message from the peripheral nerves in feet to the central nervous system, which triggers positive response in the body . This results in relaxation and brings internal organs and all systems to the level of their normal functioning. Moreover since the acupuncture meridians are running through the feet, in Chinese philosophy is believed that the feet contain Master influencing points for harmonising Qi. Applying pressure on these points also stimulates free flow of Qi hence removing the blockages and restoring the balance in the body.

 Often feet are seen as our second heart. They play essential role of pumping blood back to the heart and lungs to aid effective blood oxygenation as well as smooth lymph circulation. In this matter Reflexology provides unbeatable effect on supplying the body with oxygenated blood, eliminating toxins and balancing the chemical reactions of the hormones.



How might we benefit from reflexology :


  •  induces deep state of relaxation and aids sleep

  • regulates hormone balance

  • helps relieve tension

  • boosts blood and lymph circulation, aids elimination of toxins

  • stimulates nerve function and the central nervous system

  • improves mood and sense of well-being


Acupuncture and Reflexology share the same purpose -  restoring and maintaining health NATURALLY  !  Needles or finger tips will be your personal choice and my hubmble professional advice. 














       Your health is in your hands .... Take mine and lets make this journey                                                                    together !




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